Break Fluid Single Origin – Thadeo


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Thadeo (Washed) Tanzania

We really love Tanzanian coffees. This washed Bourbon is from a seven acre farm, so was only available in very limited amounts. It replaces another Tanzanian coffee the amazing Tweega AA, on our coffee rosta. It’s a real banger and fits really well between the BFGT chocolate bomb and the floral Kayon Mountain. It’s got good body and balanced acidity. Flavour wise think tropical fruits, sweet melon, blackberry and apple. Medium roasted it works great as both filter and espresso. We dig it and think you will too.


District: Mbeya Rural
Village: Nyimbili
Altitude: 1600 – 1790masl
Process: Washed and sun dried on African beds
Owner: Thadeo Mwakilasa
Varieties: Bourbon
Farm Size: 7 acres
Cup Profile: Tropical, sweet melon, blackberry & apple


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wholebean, espresso, filter, cafetiere

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