Our blends start at £7.50. Our single origins and Decaf start at £8.50. All come in 250g bags which will make approximately 15 cups of coffee and fit through your letterbox beautifully!  Postage and packing is included.

Here at Break Fluid we wanted to create and offer coffee that both tasted amazing and was easy to brew. When brewing light roasted single origin coffees, we were often disappointed with the results. They taste amazing if you hit the brew times and weights perfectly, but it may take a whole bag of coffee to achieve that!  At the other end of the scale the supermarkets offering was a cornucopia of dark roasted coffee that had been ground weeks ago and tasted stale and uninteresting.

We wanted to offer coffees that had the flavours of high end speciality but with much larger brewing tolerances.

The answer was to source A grade coffees that had the characteristics to be able to hold their own as a single origin offering, but blend them together and roast them to a medium roast. This gives you the high quality speciality taste with a much larger sweet spot when it comes to brewing.

As the saying goes, “Good, fast, cheap, pick two!”
All our coffees are “A” grade speciality grown Arabicas. They are carefully selected, brought in through specialist importers and hand-roasted in small (10 Kilo) batches. There are no cheap fillers used in Break Fluid Coffee. High quality, traceability and attention to detail is what Break Fluid is all about. Once ordered your coffee is ground (if required), packaged and sent out the same day. All the above adds up to super high quality coffee delivered fast to your door. Good and fast. Not cheap!


Go to the “My Account” section on the website and locate your subscription. Hit the “Cancel” button. Simple as that.

You can also pause your account if you are going on holiday or if your kitchen cupboard is full, by dropping us an email at hello@breakfluid.cc !

No, Coffee is a seasonal product and as seasons change, so will our blends and single origins. We aim to always make our blends great tasting, well rounded, full bodied and balanced. That will usually mean changing the components four or five times a year depending upon seasons and availability. Our single origins will change regularly, enabling you to try exciting new coffees as they become available to us.