About Us

Break Fluid Coffee


Great tasting, easy to brew, speciality coffee.

Here at Break Fluid we wanted to create and offer coffees that both tasted amazing and were easy to brew. So often when we had brewed light roasted single origin coffees, we were disappointed with the results. They taste fantastic IF you hit the brew times and weights perfectly but it may take a whole bag of coffee to achieve that!

At the other end of the scale the supermarkets offering was a cornucopia of dark roasted coffee that had been ground weeks ago and tasted stale, burnt and uninteresting.

We wanted to offer coffees that had amazing flavour with much larger brewing tolerances. The answer was to source speciality coffees and roast them to a well developed medium roast. This gives you the great taste with a much larger sweet spot when it comes to brewing.

We only use speciality grade Arabica coffee beans. No lower grade fillers. By using only speciality importers, we know exactly where our beans are from. It’s important to us that they are ethically produced and in many cases money goes back into the communities that produce it. Great coffee with a clean conscience. Makes perfect sense to us.

So in short, Break Fluid is speciality coffee for those who want to spend more time drinking it than talking about it!

Break Fluid Coffee Co is a partnership of two friends, Chris Woodage and Ant Oram.


Chris has been in the world of speciality coffee for 5 years.

Leaving school at sixteen, Chris worked in a motorcycle shop, lifeguarded on the beaches and partied way too much. Whilst washing dishes for Rick Stein he found a real passion for food. Following his passion Chris moved to London where he ended up cooking at a lot of posh joints with too many Michelin stars.

In 2001, Chris stopped cooking to be a photographer, shooting action sports and live events for a living, at one point running away with the Demon Drome Wall of Death for a year as a personal project.

Settling down after years on the road, he opened Crocker & Woods, a coffee shop on Fromes, Catherine Hill. It served speciality coffee but the focus was always on conversation, music and good times, the coffee was always a conduit for those things rather than the focus.

When not taking care of the coffee/cafe side of things for Break Fluid, Chris spends his time tripping over the dog, falling off various two wheeled vehicles, skateboarding and sleeping.


After graduating from university with a degree in Graphic Design, Ant moved to the bright lights of London to pursue his career in design working for a couple of agencies before starting his own design company in 1999. Twelve years later Ant escaped back to the countryside and now works solo with clients up and down the country as well as taking care of all things design and brand related for Break Fluid.

Ant’s idle hands love a side project and over the years he has been selling screen prints and t-shirts alongside his day to day design work.

When not tinkering on his computer Ant can be found outside flying down a hill on his bike, walking his dog or running in the woods.
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